4º edition does not please me (as much as 3.5 did)

Greetings, humanoids!

Sooo finally I managed to assemble the session, and got some action even with half the party absent.

And let me tell you, 4º edition isn´t something I´d like to play on a regular basis.

For the sake of veracity, I must say it isn´t inherently bad: Character creation is a quick and fun process, if extremely streamlined and stripped down, compared to 3.5 at least, encounters are easy to prepare, and all in all it was fun.

But the whole time it felt like playing a videogame. Healing makes sense balance-wise, but is hard to justify in-game. Characters are much more limited now, since all members of a class are equal- combat-wise, at least, you still get to roleplay as you please. Powers are divided in three classes: at will, encounter and diary. Like healing, it makes sense balance-wise, but is hard to justify.

Overall, I´d say 4º ed. is a good entrance point for newcomers, a sort of gateway to get to the more complete (and interesting) systems, like 3.5 or Shadowrun.

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New character, campaign and stuff.

So this time I´m rolling a 4ºed human cleric of light. I had originally planned to go for something special (an ilusionist with no offensive capabilities whatsoever) but the DM is a newbie, and has told me to stick to the more conventional roles. What a pity.

There´s still a long way to go, about 3 people are yet to have their char sheets written, and there´s not even a date for the session, but hey, at least now there´s this campaign to look forward to.

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The noob died, the noob revived and so forth.

Ciao, fellow humans!

I´ve been away (Again. Yeah. Boo me.) aaand its been impossible to play D&D since then (My own campaign has gone to hell, and the other one… We´ll see how that goes.). However, I´ve managed to accrue a hefty amount of videogames (Thanks Steam Summer Sale!) including Guns of Icarus, Orcs Must Die 1&2, both Portals, Fable III, XCOM:EnemyUnknown, and the latest, Sahdowrun Returns.

Right now I´m hooked with Shadowrun. Fun stuff, do check it out! Its only 14 euros in Steam.

Also, I now have a twitter for this blog: @Theternalnoob. Follow me there for random twittery spam!

Yours noobly,

The Eternal Noob


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On the current status of my blog.

I know I haven´t been as active as I would like in the past weeks, and mostly focusing on the gaming aspect of this blog, but don´t worry, D&D is coming next week, with two games planned, possibly more people in it, and a mess I cant solve.

The thing is, one of my players (Shanae), has been spreading the word, and I have found myself with two more players, who probably know more than me about the game. I only have to set up their characters and we´re good to go. Also, I have taken an assistant, not as a full-fledged DM, but rather as a rules consultant and general doubt solving guy if I am busy elsewhere. Busy afternoon for me, today!

Anyway, I´d also love you guys sharing what you would like to see here, recommendations, be it about D&D or them vidjagames, or whatever you think could be interesting. It´s always nice to know what the readers say.

Yours noobly,

The Eternal Noob.

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Game Spotlight: Kenshi

Technical sheet:

Developers: Lo-Fi Games

Genre: SRPG (Strategy Role-Playing Game), Real Time squad management.

Ambientation: Low Fantasy Post-Apocaliptic setting, with Eastern influences.

Current state: Paid Alpha (v. 0.42.0)

Price: 13$/12€

Available: Steam, Desura, Lo-Fi Games´s web.

Kenshi, as the game´s sole developer describes it, is a “single player free-roaming Role Playing Game, with a Real-Time Strategy influence. Its squad-based, meaning you have a whole team of characters who can split up and go to different ends of the world.”

At the time of writing, this game is more of a promise than a full game. The systems are not fully finished, the GUI is confusing at best, and there is no sound at all. Bugs plague the horizon as far as your sight can reach, and there is little to no explanation about whats going on. Yet, it is one of my favourite games. Let me explain why.

It is realistic. You are not the Chosen One, just another sucker trying to survive. And you probably won´t, if you run headfirst into a fight, not even a 1vs1 against a simple bandit. You must train, through use, your skills and attributes (run a long time and athletics will improve, go around with a heavy baggage and your strenght will go up, fight and if you survive you´ll get better at it.), and then head into the world. Hire people to fight by your side, or to carry your products or goods to distant lands, looking for profit. Train them, make them the best at whatever they do.

You can also build your own city. Create farms, produce goods, sell them. Defend against bandits. Survive. Get stronger.

As I said, the systems are not fully nailed down, and most of the visual assets are placeholder (there arent any females in the game as of right now). The farming and city management system is micromanagement heavy and can get chaotic real quick. All these systems arent explained in the game itself, but you can always reach out to the wiki, where most of the available information is stored.

Also, to improve the experience, I recommend having some songs with a little Far West vibe to them, like this or this.

Hope you like this new section, and if you want, feel free to drop by the comments section and point out whatever you can find lacking, or just post some criticism of the constructive kind, whick is always helpful!

Yours Noobly,

The Eternal Noob.

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Rant: On MMOs and instant deal breakers.

MMO. Three letters that manage to plant the seeds of doubt in my heart. They always come with big promises, yet once I boot them, I always find something that prevents me from enjoying the game.

Let me list what I call “Instant Deal Breakers”:

-Screen clutter: Lots of odd-coloured text that hide a lot of otherwise important stuff.

-Hotkey based combat: WoW style. I usually do one thing when I first log in a game. I right click. If my character then attacks, even if theres nothing to aim that attack to, that game is instantly marked as “with potential” in my book.

-Still NPCs: Those that have a big quest marker over their head, and send you on a mighty and perilous journey to… Gather 5 herbs just crossing the road. Those NPCs.

-Instant respawning mobs: Those packs of mobs that never disappear, never move, never react unless attacked. They break inmersion, are cheap substitutes for danger, and only help the grind. And at least I hate grinding.

-Quests, of the unoriginal kind: NPCs that command you to gather 10 herbs, kill 10 wolves… Etc, etc. You know the drill. Quests that make you want to kill said NPC and the whole of his family.

-Ridiculous loot (and loot chances): A wolf that happens to be carrying a magic sword (up his arse? One can only wonder), and a special type of fur that only drops in 1 out of every 400 wolves you kill. Enough of this. Make loot more realistic. If it has fur, then you can skin it. If it has paws, you can get them. Leave the epic loot for epic endeavours. If it had a weapon, you can use it. The armor is the same size as you? You get it. Of course, a bandit will probably have worse weapons, worse armor, etc.

-A static world: “WOHOOOO, you saved the world from [BigBadGuy], and you go back to the city that was going to be brutally slaughtered/raped/any combination of both by its armies, to find… Nothing. The city is exactly the same.” Make it react, be more interactive. Im sick and tired of those worlds that are, in the end, rollercoasters.

-The players can modify the world: Be it by assasinating important figures, thus disrupting an entire kingdom, building their own empire, etc. Open world PVP, no teletransporting, player driven economy… etc.

-Easy interfaces: Do not have  some related stuff be accesed through three different ways. If I click on “guild”, I want to have everything guild related, and so on.

These are just the ones I can think of right now, but there are a ton more. Does it make me sound whiny? I probably are. It´s just that this type of MMOs (Wow being the worst offender, but I have plenty of examples: Last Chaos, Grand Fantasia, and Mabinogi, although the last one had some interesting stuff.) are driving back the market of MMOs, making new devs think that if this model has proven profitable, why come up with any ideas? I want to see new MMOs, and see them fulfill their promises. Then, MMO shal no longer mean disappointment to me, and I will regain hope in the genre.

Yours Noobly,

The Eternal Noob.

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Im not dead, you know.

So, it goes like this: The campaign has finally seen some lateral thinking, and people are finally waking up. However, with all of us being relatively new to the game, the pace is slow at its best. Especially the newest one, that doesnt know one single thing (whilst the rest at least had a fragile grip on the general flow.), so it doesnt go as fast as i´d like. But im not complaining, its still fun. I just hope people get their feet wet soon, and the rhythm goes up exponentially. Right now, it takes about an hour to kill a bunch of orcs, and dont get me started on loot division. The mage doesnt know her spells, not a single bit, but its ok.

Anyway, I had a couple of extra games, in no way related to the main campaign, except the setting, and those were great. Fast, fun, and the players did some things that left me impressed.

Also, im having some trouble with redblade, since I translated all I could to my native language, so my players could understand their character sheets, but it somehow has caused a problem with the way the program handles exotic weapons. Not much of a pain, but…

I´m struggling with the infrastructure, since I´ve created too many characters, and I dont know how to properly classify them. I´ll look at it later. But anyway, great timnes I had, and I only regret not having more time for this, what with my busy schedule and all…

The comic I promised is still a ways off, since I have yet to polish the aesthetics I want, but I already have some ideas.

Yours Noobly,

The Eternal Noob.

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