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On the current status of my blog.

I know I haven´t been as active as I would like in the past weeks, and mostly focusing on the gaming aspect of this blog, but don´t worry, D&D is coming next week, with two games planned, possibly more people … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight: Kenshi

Technical sheet: Developers: Lo-Fi Games Genre: SRPG (Strategy Role-Playing Game), Real Time squad management. Ambientation: Low Fantasy Post-Apocaliptic setting, with Eastern influences. Current state: Paid Alpha (v. 0.42.0) Price: 13$/12€ Available: Steam, Desura, Lo-Fi Games´s web. Kenshi, as the game´s … Continue reading

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Rant: On MMOs and instant deal breakers.

MMO. Three letters that manage to plant the seeds of doubt in my heart. They always come with big promises, yet once I boot them, I always find something that prevents me from enjoying the game. Let me list what … Continue reading

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Im not dead, you know.

So, it goes like this: The campaign has finally seen some lateral thinking, and people are finally waking up. However, with all of us being relatively new to the game, the pace is slow at its best. Especially the newest … Continue reading

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About my very own campaign

So, basically, I´m running my own game of d&d 3.5, my group and I being total noobs. The setting, Forgotten Realms. The party is a bunch of dull yet effective characters when it comes to combat, and the roleplay is … Continue reading

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